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    Institute of Science and Technology (IoST) is one of the oldest and the largest technical institutes in TU with 13 Central Departments, 1 School, 24 constituent campuses and 89 affiliated campuses.

    This is our story.

    Nepal has a history of nine decades of science teaching/learning at the higher level. Several schemes, plans, policies and implementation strategies have been experimented in science education. This institute has come to the present form after facing many challenges and preparing scientifically oriented technical manpower of different levels to meet the requirements of the nation. It is capable to compete with universities at regional and global levels in terms of curriculum and pedagogic standards.
    A large number of students work on scientific research projects of varied nature at the postgraduate (M.Sc.) level. The number of scholars doing Ph.D. in different areas is also increasing every year. Collaborative exchange programmes in science have been given a priority. IoST and the Central Departments have linkages and coordination with different ministries and national/ international organizations and academic institutions. Students’ enrollment at B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Sc, M. Tech. levels is increasing annually.

    Vision and Objectives

    By setting up well-equipped laboratories, employing skilled manpower, and providing advisory services in science and technology in close collaboration with national and international agencies, IoST intends to promote the quality of its departments and develop them as Centers of excellence. Ultimately, it aims at creating a scientific culture in the society and improving the quality of life of the people.

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